Yeah, She Did.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful woman who made me feel more like myself. Her name was (and still is) Jane. She loves me. Do you want to know how I know?

This is a clue.

jane's gift

Yes. She. Did.
the gift

So, what I am to do?! Well, I am going to do what any self-respecting southern American would do.

Make dumplings.

And biscuits.

And cupcakes.
pumpkin cupcakes

And I shall formulate a plan that involves corn meal. Beware.

Oh, Jane. I love you.

Yeah, you want to visit the website. It’s probably because you know how much it means to me.

4 thoughts on “Yeah, She Did.”

  1. And I love you too, Jen! Even though you posted my horrible block writing on the Internet for all to see (my creativity is not in block lettering…) 🙂

    And please make me dumplings the next time I see you – they look AWESOME!

  2. And here is the why to the cupcakes which Jen brought to work the other day… NICE.
    Jane, I want to meet you when you come next. You make me happier by making Jen happier! Hehe.

    PS: For some reason, I love those little sugar and milk pots on the third photo… 🙂

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