Drew’s Big Fat New Job

Short & Sweet: I will officially be leaving Ticketmaster on 28 October to join Jack Morton Worldwide in their London office on 2 November (and yes, we will still be home for Christmas).
Jack Morton

So, Jack Morton, an experiential marketing agency. They create experiences that deliver on brand promises – inspiring key stakeholders to new insight, action and advocacy. They integrate live events, branded environments and interactive media to help their clients improve performance, increase sales and, ultimately, make brands behave. That may all sound a bit like marketing jargon, but the deal is they create engaging events for big companies.

Their in-house capabilities include the full range of experiential touchpoints, as well as expertise in strategy and planning, creative and design, production, fabrication and measurement. Jack Morton has a staff of 600 employees throughout the United States-region, Europe and Asia-Pacific, and is part of the Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. (NYSE: IPG).

Here is a sampling of their work.

Jack Morton Sample One

Jack Morton Sample Two

Jack Morton Sample Three

Jack Morton Sample Four
You can find more Jack Morton samples on flickr.

I will be joining the London office as their Senior Creative Developer to help jump start their digital team. I will be helping their clients make use of the interwebs and other digital media to strengthen their brand position. This could be anything from developing a company intranet to online conventions to event kiosks. The possibilities for doing something new are really exciting.

I am most excited about stepping out of entertainment. I have enjoyed name dropping clients like Kanye West, Rascal Flatts, and Dierks Bentley but the time has come for me to move into an industry which has a budget, understands the importance of branding and respects what it means for their bottom line.

Jack Morton’s London office is a bit of a trek from our current flat (an hour door to door) so at the moment Jen and I are considering moving house to reduce my commute. We may end up only moving closer to a convenient tube line rather than getting physically closer to the office because we really like London’s east side. At the moment we are thinking London Bridge area to put me in walking distance of the District Line, but who knows we might go wild and move to the west side (just don’t hold your breath).

Not entirely sure what the day-to-day will be at Jack Morton culturally, but I think it is going to be a good experience (pun intended). Their office is gorgeous and a very creative environment.
Jack Morton's London Lobby
Check out the lobby of my new office.

I will try to continue giving you a flavor of what the new day to day life is for me in the new company & position, but it is safe to say it is going to be a change.

When I accepted the gig in echo’s London office, I never expected I would be looking for a new job. There were lots of things I expected to change with our journey overseas, but I thought my job was set. Turns out that was not to be the case. 2009 will go down in my life’s story as The Year of Change.

So now I raise a glass to more change. Cheers!

Drew and Jen go to London

4 thoughts on “Drew’s Big Fat New Job”

  1. Geez Drew –

    It’s quite early to be raising a glass. I hope it’s water. Save the sweet tea vodka that Emily brought for later! P.S. Who knew that South Carolinians has perfected the true Southern party?!

    P.S. I am all for moving somewhere more convenient for your commute, but you do know that I am filtering my search on the word ‘dishwasher’ right?!

    i <3 you.

  2. Drew, I like your excitement over your new job. Your creative talents will shine. I look forward to seeing you both in December.


  3. Cheers to the new endeavor Drew! Good things happen to good people and I’m so happy you’ve found a great giant step forward!!

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