Good News/Bad News

Before we begin, does the phrase “good news/bad news” bring flashes of America’s Funniest Videos to mind for anyone else?  You know, during the Daisy Fuentes, John Fugelsang run?  I may have Tivo’d  one or two episodes.  Maybe by “one or two” I mean that I may have religiously Tivo’d AFV re-runs on several channels until they began taking up the precious space I needed for Ugly Betty…  That stock of AFV always did the trick on $&^**@ rainy days.  We’ll add that to things I miss about the states…  I can’t get AFV on the telly in London.

Back to the point.

Good news: On Saturday we slept until almost nine.  I went to the gym.  Before hitting the shower, I popped over to this new website I found via Cake Wrecks – for dinner ideas.  Pioneer Woman may be an omnivore, but I am getting pretty crafty at adapting recipes – and that recipe with apricot preserves and ketchup was intriguing enough to have me making a grocery list.

Bad news: I got distracted by this aforementioned new website I found via Cake Wrecks.  [WARNING: Ladies, click the link that follows at your own risk.  Hours may be lost.  Good news: Hours may be lost.]  Pioneer Woman could be selling her love story, but she gifted it to me and you…

Good news: It started to rain.  I no longer felt so guilty as the time slipped by without a trip to the grocery or that shower I needed.

Bad news: It never stopped raining and I never got groceries, though I did manage the shower bit and a mid-day snuggle.

2 responses to “Good News/Bad News”

  1. I totally got sucked into Pioneer Woman’s love story a few months ago. I literally spent hours reading!
    It made me want to marry a cowboy…