Even at 51, Madonna still dances your face off. She’s belting out every note like it’s a celebration — through the choreography, through the guitar playing, even in the midst of the transforming stage… The show is like a night out at the most posh club. DJs are on stage, dancers are workin’ it, huge video screens provide an ever-changing, moving backdrop, the lighting is enough to give someone healthy a seizure, and the beat doesn’t stop. Eventually everyone was dancing.

Old school fans might be a bit disappointed by the club scene-inspired show which retains little 80’s Madonna style, but Madonna seems to know her core audience these days happens to be those late night ravers who crave something more techno than showtune. She still found a way to weave in some old favorites and pay respect to Michael in several tasteful ways. Whatever your opinion of the material girl, this show is worth seeing — even from the nosebleed section.

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