The Lady Likes Tea (GIVEAWAY)

[Have patience; keep reading to the bottom for full giveaway details.]

Two Saturdays ago, when J & Q were still hanging with the Huddlestons, Golden Lane Estate hosted a residents’ market (boot) sale. We had to walk through it to leave the grounds of the estate on our first mission of the day (that was Borough Market for you non-regular readers. No shame.) Getting back to the point…

As we walked past the table of a friendly neighbor, I saw them. My heart leaned toward them. Then I remembered the boys (who I assumed hate yard sale shopping even more than regular shopping) and the mission; I averted my teary, star-struck eyes from that beautiful set of lovelies to the path ahead. All day they sat in the back of my thoughts. For some reason they seemed to be just what I wanted as proof that the Huddlestons had been here – on this grand London adventure. I guess you understand those unspoken reasons why I so desperately feel the need to mark my tracks and leave something behind for others to treasure when I am gone…

When Drew realised how desperately I was longing for these silly trinkets (he did not actually call them “silly trinkets”!), he gently told me that I should march myself back to that table and get them. I grabbed Jane and nearly ran…

sexy teapot

pot and cup

two cups

pot and plates

To have this imperfect, incomplete tea set gave me such a sense of being present in the moment – in this reality. It makes me think of of those things that my mom had around the house when I was little – like the wooden lady bugs and the fairy figurines – that are so oddly special to me.  I would like to have a few of those kinds of things that mark my history, for my children to find silly or special.

Another slightly imperfect but special item caught my eye. It wasn’t meant for me, but meant for me to give away. My mother loved to give gifts and I would like to honor her in giving this treasure to someone reading this note.

green teapot

teapot bottom

For someone who collects teapots or antiques, this Midwinter Pottery piece is part of British history and makes a lovely addition to your collection.  It’s also a nice gift for anyone who just likes retro stuff!  (Men, don’t be shy.  It’s ok for you to collect tea pots, for your, um, friend…)

You have three days to enter; a recipient will be selected by lottery on Monday at 8.00pm GMT and announced in Monday’s blog entry.

How to Enter the Drawing:

Leave a comment on this post naming 5 blog posts whose title is also the title of a song.  (Repeat as many times as you like WITHOUT DUPLICATIONS.  For the sake of being fair and clear, only full song titles will be counted, no partials or song lyrics…)

For additional entries, you must leave at least one comment as detailed above.  One additional entry may be earned for each of the following:

  1. Tweet a link to and leave a comment on this post with proof of your tweet.
  2. Post a link to in your facebook status and leave a comment on this post as proof. (You must be mine or Drew’s facebook friend.)
  3. Post a link to in your blog between now and drawing time, leaving a comment on this post with the address to your blog entry.
  4. Leave a comment on this post explaining why you might recommend this blog to a friend for regular reading or why you visit regularly yourself.

Remember that you can use the calendar to quickly navigate through blog entries.  If you click on the name of a month, you will see the entries for that month without having to choose specific dates. You may think that leaving comments is annoying, and I respect that, but I need a fair way to number your entries!  Facebook comments and personal emails will not be entered in the drawing; I just won’t know how to assign them a number…

Happy hunting, lots of love, and best wishes to you!

* Update: Comments are being hidden until a winner is chosen so that you cannot cheat by using someone else’s answer and hard work : )  Comments will be revealed when the winner has been drawn!

12 thoughts on “The Lady Likes Tea (GIVEAWAY)”

  1. I’m really bad at following directions, so I hope I’m doing this right. 🙂

    Thank goodness we have some of the same taste in music!!

    Friday I’m in Love
    Of Bridges Burned
    Sunday Sunday
    So This Is Christmas

    ~I love your special little treasures and know that you will cherish them and the story that came with for many years to come. :)~

    Love, Mrs. Buffy

  2. crap…was I suppose to put the date of the blogs or the artist of the song?? I told you I’m bad at following directions.
    Just looking above at the songs titles order, I’ll go ahead and name the artist, but I’m not going to go back through and get the dates unless you tell me that it’s in the rules. OK?

    The Cure
    Levi Weaver
    John Lennon
    Man, all those artist really rock!!…OK..I’m done now. 🙂

  3. Taking a break from the 105 degree heat index/Kassi-Euro trip yard sale to cool off and take another shot at this because I love tea pots, all art with dandelion seeds and green is my favorite color!! (not trying for any extra points here 😉

    over the rainbow
    grand designs
    any dream will do
    are you diggin on me

  4. Stupid White People (Syncronos) April 27th
    So, This is Christmas (Robbie Williams) December 22nd
    What’s That Smell (House of Pain) December 5th
    Strange New Day (Venomous Village) November 26th
    I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor) October 7th
    The Rollercoaster (The Lilac Time) August 28th
    Almost Home (Craig Morgan) October 30th

    I wasn’t sure if two of these were considered partials……so I did a couple extra to cover any mistakes!

    This is fun!

  5. I love this blog because it is hysterical!
    Your sense of humor is so wonderful.

    I also enjoy being updated on your life…….it keeps me from missing you as much.

    I love all the pictures, makes me feel as if I am on the journey with you both.

    What a creative, dynamic, brave, loving couple you both are!!!! Hugs, hugs, and more hugs………….

    I don’t care if I win – just the playing was great fun, Actually!

  6. In no particular order, as I’m doing random ones that stick out in my memory, strangely enough, mostly from mid-winter:
    February 1 – “Of Bridges Burned” by Levi Weaver (hell yeah!).
    February 25 – “Any Dream Will Do” (musical numbers count too, right?).
    “Reconsider Everything” by 311 (from the best album EVAR).
    February 11 – “On the Waterfront” by the Anti-Nowhere League.
    January 17 – “Can’t Stop Thinking About You” by Martin Sexton.

  7. Perhaps I’ll revisit this in the next few hours to do #3, but I don’t really keep up with my myspace and I only use the blogspot when I’m abroad… BUT now for a little satire…
    Why do I read this blog? It’s certainly not because I love the Huddlestons and miss them terribly everyday. It’s definitely not for all of the great pub evaluations and London-insider tips that will surely come in handy here in a few weeks when I get the urge to go shopping for vegan eyeshadow and celebrity spotting in Leicester Square without looking like a complete tourist (because contrary to what you think, I will not be dragging you around! I have but three requests: Imperial War Museum, London Eye, and Camden. Also, if we could stalk Imogen Heap, that would be great. I think she lives near Islington. But anyway, that’s it. I’ll definitely need your guidance for everything else). I don’t check the blog for new vegetarian recipes or play reviews. Hell, I don’t even particularly enjoy the pictures and videos from the AMAZING IPHONE. Actually… now that you mention it, I’m not sure why I waste my time on this tastefully designed amalgam of Brit & US culture. Fuck it. I’m going to go look at pictures of cats with funny subtitles for the next few hours.

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