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I do want you to continue reading this blog; I know that means I have to mope less and celebrate more. Starting tomorrow. I’m kidding! Kind of.

For the moment, can we focus on one of the deeper issues in life? Would you be willing to delve with me into that which is greater than each of us individually, reminds us that we are ultimately alone whilst being inexplicably connected, and gives us the strength to stop hitting snooze on the alarm clock each day? Yes, of course I am talking about Facebook.

London could be the coolest thing since three hot meals a day, but Facebook keeps reminding me that you posted a picture of your beautiful baby (or dog, or vacation spot, or funniest church sign ever. “Get ‘er done, fer God!” wins, btw). It also makes me feel connected to you and this being so very far away thing is more bearable… Thank goodness I know the status of your Domino’s Pizza order, due to their amazing (US) Pizza Tracker – made to be shared on Facebook. (Oh, Brittany and Nick, I hope it was everything you hoped for!)

brittany pizza

What I am getting at is that it is quite conflicting to know that I am such a small piece of the puzzle that life does go on when I am removed, but it’s so freeing at the very same time. (I snuck in that deep bit when you least expected it, huh?) What I’d really like to know is that I’ve left something meaningful behind every time I have moved on or moved away from one thing to another; but it’s so gratifying to know that you are moving forward with celebrations, growth, love, learning, and living in general – without me.

Keep posting those videos and silly updates. I love it.

9 thoughts on “Jennifer Explains it All”

  1. I figured if Domino’s went to all that effort to make that silly facebook plugin then someone should use it. 🙂

  2. You know, you think that it is a silly thing, but Jen and I were ordering Dominos that day as well (at the same time in fact) and were seriously jealous you had a tracker keeping you up to date on your delivery as we were waiting over two hours for our pizza to arrive.

  3. Nick and Brittany on the blog! I love it–welcome! It’s so good to have you here with us; and thank goodness I can follow you on facebook… allergic reactions and pizza and all.

    Donna, huh?

  4. i was trying to say drool….but this doesn’t like the greater than less than symbols……

    we are on week 4 of south beach – so no pizza!! YET….

  5. You know, Jen, I have moved around a lot (not to London, but, ya know…). I have friends all over this country…and a few overseas. I stay in touch, we plan visits, we stay in each others lives. My parents lived in a few more places than me, and have a crapload of old, good friends that they often see. They go to each other’s kids weddings, they meet up when someone is vacationing in FL and they always give/recieve hand written Christmas cards. It is a pretty cool and special thing.
    All you are doing right now is expanding your friend base. And ensuring free places to crash worldwide for years to come. =)
    C’mon…sing it with me…”Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and other’s gold…”
    Live your life to the fullest in the moment, be sincere, and your friends will travel to because they are your old, good friends.

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