Columbia Road Flower Market

In Shoreditch there is a lovely Sunday stroll squeeze I recommend: the Columbia Road Flower Market.

I couldn’t help but think about how much my mom (and her mother) loved peonies.


But I also started thinking about Danielle’s bouquet…  Did I mention my oldest younger sister is getting married?!  Yeah, the wheels are already spinning in my head…  (No, pressure Danielle.  Rock that NCLEX and we’ll talk then, haha!)

The prices are quite competitive and the flowers seem to be of such good quality.

random 3

I guess that’s what happens when vendors sell so close together.  It’s also probably the case that these flower are direct from the farm.

random 2

I wonder what kind of flowers are Andrea’s and Ashlee’s favorites, too…

random 4

Ah, how I love how simple and messy this little bunch is.  Kind of like me : )

random 5

You can also get great pottery and vases along the way.  Other specialty shops line the streets, though I couldn’t see everything that was featured while fighting the crowd and trying to keep an eye on our friends.  I do highly recommend the flower market, even if you just wander through for an eyeful…  Then, head over to The Marksman for a pint or a Sunday Roast (the vegetarian options are quite good as well)!

Columbia Road
E2 7RG
020 7377 8963

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2 responses to “Columbia Road Flower Market”

  1. wow…….mom would so love all of those flowers.. she would also have a hard time making a decision about which ones to take home!!