Hummus Bros.

There has been one good thing to come out of our short, nasty stint with Barclay’s bank; across the street from a branch I have visited several times there is a restaurant that caught my eye.  Hummus Bros. is a laid back little joint where you are seated family style for the pleasure of simple food made really well.  The hummus is one flavor suits all, but you choose your topping.  Your topping then becomes a mix-in, depending on your hummus eating style, of course!  Special toppings are featured regularly so that you never tire of trying new combinations.

mushrooms and guac


fork commandments

Although hummus really is the featured food, there are some interesting side dishes like smoky barbeque aubergines and complementary drinks that might satisfy a non-hummus eater, though one trip to Hummus Bros. might cure that disorder…

Drew tried the mushroom topping and mine was guacamole.  Thumbs up for both!

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