Happy Mother’s Day!

Yesterday we wandered around the grounds of St. Paul’s, enjoying the gardens and small green spaces between there and home while the sun warmed the city. We are looking forward to having visitors soon who will explore the cathedral with us.


cathedral 2

Between our flat and the church there are wonderful spaces that would be lovely spots for a lunch or evening picnic. Drew was kind enough to get some shots that our Moms (and others) might enjoy on this Mother’s Day posting!


pink flower

purple flower

Back in the states, our beautiful cousin Chelsea graduated R.N. school; Congratulations Chelsea! We’ll have a celebration with you, Danielle, and Ashlee when we are next in for a visit (unless you all decide to meet up here – you know, in all of that free time you girls will have now, haha!). Gosh, where did all of the years go?!

2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. exactly 2 months until i fly across the pond! unfortunately it will be another 3 weeks or so before i ever make it into london, but i’m still so excited by how quickly the time is passing!

  2. We’ll hold the flat down until you get here. Unfortunately, Midnight won’t be here until after Christmas. I know that’s very disappointing to you, but you can always come back and visit him (and us again) in 2010! Summer is shaping up nicely here. It stays light pretty late. Storm clouds with no thunder, though, that’s really starting to creep me out… Maybe we should visit you in Spain?

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