Untraditional Easter

Not only was yesterday our first Easter in London, it was also our first time to have dinner at Emily’s. We headed Thames-side for a lovely evening with our host and our new friend Ken. I was so impressed with the table setting, complete with an Easter egg for each guest!
chocolate egg

We giggled and ate – then we ate some more… Emily even shared with us the beautiful cherry tomatoes she had purchased at Borough Market. (Don’t worry Kerry, I don’t think she used the chocolate balsamic vinegar.) She says she’s not a seasoned chef, but I very much enjoyed the meal!

It really was a nice way to spend the holiday, though we did speak of our families and experience a pang of homesickness. To top off the weekend, we get to work from home today. And by “work” I mean “hardly work” – and certainly in our pajamas. It’s nice to have an extra day to catch up on the laundry and get a few groceries for lunches without all the rush. I think I like this four day weekend European Easter observance!

3 thoughts on “Untraditional Easter”

  1. what fun!

    i’d like to see more of that hilarious humor of yours about ridiculous episodes………….
    For a while…..i was laughing so hard each time i read (and reread) your blog….
    SO….get that funny bone revved up – simple girl style.
    I need the comic relief!!

    Love you so much!!!!

  2. The good news is that there are less and less ridiculous stories to tell. The bad news is that there is less funny as a result. For some reason, at least in my life, tragedy gives way to comedy. It’s how I cope.

    So you want me to trip and fall, you say? That’s just mean. But it would be funny!

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