Nano Does What?!

I recently saw a headline that made me stop in my tracks.  Unfortunately, it was an article someone else was reading on the tube and I couldn’t get my hands on it.  My curiosity led me to discover that we live very close to the relatively new London Centre for Nanotechnology.  I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for more information regarding what kinds of study are currently underway in London, though I do know that a conference is scheduled for 30 April where an American group will be presenting nanotechnological issues relating to food and diet.

I think this is the technology that we hope we can someday use to inject a little “machine” into your blood stream to repair things rather than performing invasive surgeries or overwhelm your system with side effects.  Maybe I’m mixing up real science with something I’ve seen on Star Trek.  Whatever the case, if you’re interested, you might be able to catch a lecture on the subject when you visit!

Yeah, yeah, it’s a light fixture.  It looks pretty cool anyway… 


Check out wikipedia for more information on the study of nanotechnology.