V & M Express, Soho

Sometimes I just want a burger and fries. Today, Drew introduced me to a cheap vegetarian meal deal at V & M Express, on Greek Street in Soho. You can get a Quarter Pounder, side item, and a vegan shake for £4.99.

3.5 stars
Pre-Booking not required, lunch only
Lunch menu available
Take-away available, limited patio seating
Vegetarian and Vegan options, no meat on the menu
Excellent value, economically priced
Limited menu/selection
Appropriate for casual dining



(Unfortunately, Drew had to slip next door to get me some mustard and caffeine. V & M was short staffed and under supplied due to some unfortunate , and seemingly random, circumstances…)  Go easy on the Colman’s – it is known to burn holes through the roof of your mouth to the back of your head.

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