Another Lazy London Sunday

On Friday I received news that there is still no update regarding the position for which I had recently  interviewed due to an unknown project start date.  Fortunately, another very reputable organization has invited me for an interview on Tuesday.  I couldn’t be more pleased to speak with them.  There was pizza and Ugly Betty to celebrate…

This weekend my friend Lauren gave me a good excuse to head to my favorite grocer (Sainsbury’s in Islington) to gather supplies.


She had a little party with her flatmates – and no southern lady with manners shows up to someone’s house for the first time empty handed, right?  I surprised the unsuspecting Brits with vegan baked goods…  So far, no one has fallen ill.  That I know of.

I am still cleaning corners and crannies I didn’t know this place had.  Living in a drafty flat with no central heating or cooling to filter the air keeps me constantly sweeping and chasing dust bunnies.

Drew brought home a London Lite that contained an intriguing story. I hope you’ll check out the full report here.

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  1. What’s up Drew? Great website! Is this a custom WordPress theme? Very nice. I started using Drupal about a year ago and just completed a site conversion to Drupal. (like WordPress just more multi-user centered) Never had any PHP exposure until then, steep learning curve for me but worth it.

    Anyways, hope you guys are doing well.

    Talk to you later,

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