What Would the Queen Do?

I find myself with an evening to myself and it causes to me to wonder what the Queen might do–with a free evening, of course.  I have no delusions that I understand the Queen’s daily schedule and all it entails.  In any case, the Queen might be jealous that I have plans to make a Victoria Sandwich, drink some wine, and take over the world plot to revive a color guard, though perhaps not in that order.

There’s no time to explain.  I have phone calls to make, numbers to dig up, sketches to mail, emails to send, and music to share.  It’s hard being so far away from you.  If you are interested in enlisting in the volunteer pool, throwing money at these cute kiddos or hosting a fundraiser (it’s fun and easy), making phone calls, or just sending the love around, please email me.

Say a prayer and cross your fingers that the resources line up–and that I have learned enough about the silly oven not to burn my cake!  Visualize the Victoria Sandwich…
Victoria Sandwich