Word of the Day: Prawn

  • Basically, shrimp.
Today’s Most Missed Thing: my mixer
You know what’s strange?  The baking section in city grocery stores is very small, if it exists.  I wonder if people don’t have time, don’t have space, don’t have space to store the tools, don’t like cake, or generally get confused about the use of ovens for purposes other than drying socks or toasting a baguette to go with soup.  I think the reason why you don’t see cake mix or brownie mix on most shelves is related to the phenomenon mentioned in a previous post about ready-to-eat food.  Cooking, REAL cooking, is uncommon.  Yeah, I saute veggies and throw sauce on them.  Somebody else made the sauce, though.  On a scale of heated it up to gourmet, made-from-scratch, I usually try my best to fall somewhere in between.  It has to be healthier.  When I worked all the time I was barely aware of what I ate.  Obviously, but that’s not the point.  I just realize how far away we have moved from the table to fast-paced meals made from previously frozen and re-hydrated food flavored materials with preservatives.  I have also noticed how easy it is to eat the same types of food repetitively due to price and ease of preparation, like pasta and mayonnaise based sandwich fillers.  Even good foods, like peanut butter, have quite a bit of fat–I know it’s good fat, but the number of times we choose it over a vegetable because of its convenience is staggering.
This was just not something I thought would be so amazing to me.
My friend Janita has really been encouraging me to bake since we’ve moved into the new flat.  Trust me, I have the serious itch to do it, too.  I looked around and realized I had no mixer and only one large glass measuring cup.  No measuring spoons, no measuring cups, no cake pan(s), no spatulas, no whisk to be found.  They do have those cute little egg holders that people use to eat hard-boiled eggs (I think).

egg holde

And twice I have wanted Vegetable Broth.  First of all, it’s called brine here.  If you get broth it has stuff in it.  Anyway, it’s super hard to locate it if the store has it at all.  Maple syrup, tofu, vegan cheese, vegan “ice cream” all belong on the things I miss list.  Sometimes there is one jar of maple syrup left, but it is expensive because they flew it over her from Canada.  I did find one choice of tofu and some strange looking tofu dogs.  Without a freezer, I must learn new ways to cook tofu and tofu dogs for two…  I also need to find a International grocer.  They will most likely have more options.  I just pray that I don’t buy squid by mistake.

Enough whining, I think it’s time for an Episode of Ugly Betty and some snuggling.  I like snuggling in London.  I like snuggling when it’s chilly.  I like snuggling when it’s rainy or stormy and when I don’t feel well.  It’s also nice after a glass of wine or some ice cream.  Sometimes snuggling is great when you’ve had a long day–or before you start the day.  Ok, I am snuggler.  Sheesh.