She wore her red shoes…

Word of the Day: Pudding

  • In most cases, a dessert.  Upon further research, I think almost everything is pudding.  Or is a pudding.  Or is gross sounding.
In lighter news:

red shoes

I don’t know of much else in the world that makes this girl happier than having happy-in-their-tennis-shoes feet. It’s not always stylish and it is certainly not always appropriate, but I have special needs feet. They are flat (and quite pasty, like the rest of me) and I have one stupid toe on each foot. What’s really important is that my most recent mission to find new kicks in high London style is now complete.

As soon as I have applied for a long stinkin’ list of really cool vacancies I’ll take these red shoes out to get some great photos on the outskirts of our neighborhood.  I found some things I think you are going to like.

When you come to visit, you should hit the ground in sneakers.  And you should plan to wear them all the time.  You’ll be happier and we’ll both be in tennis shoes.  See you soon!