…but there was a storm!

Word of the Day: Knackered

  • (slang) Tired, unfit to work.
That’s not how I feel today, though!  We went to bed a little early last night, but there was a storm!  I am not sure how long we thought the roof might be blown off.  It wasn’t scary; it sure was noisy though.
Today I made contacts for a friend, sent my CV to several recruitment agents in response to job postings in which I am interested, identified several more posts to chase tomorrow, and made a really mean potato soup for a rainy evening.  Please, whatever you do, avoid Shop Girl.  You cannot get that 106 minutes of your life back!
I wish, for the sake of this post only, that I had a glamorous story to tell.  In reality I am very happy to have had the day I really had.  There may have been an incident at the post office where I battled a stamp machine and emerged victorious with my first class, lick-required stamps.  But there wasn’t.  It was pretty self-explanatory.  No one was hurt.  Of course, maybe I rescued a baby at the grocery store shortly after winning the fight with the stamp machine, but I don’t think letting the baby’s mom get in front of me in the queue qualifies me as a bonafide baby-saver.  Oh well.  I still made potato soup.
CORRECTION TO PREVIOUS POST:  What we call broth is known in the UK as “stock”.  Though it was previously reported that is is called “brine”, I was misinformed by a local in a quickie mart.  Remember in school when they taught us about “reliable sources”?!  Also notable, ready made stock is hard to find and may not exist in express or regular grocery stores.  You can find stock granules to make stock, but usually not in express or small regular stores.