So happy together (feel free to sing along)…

Well, Drew and I are pretty darn official today. We opened a British bank account. Whew. I feel somehow better about our situation. Our banker even gave us a three-ring notebook to keep our paperwork in and gave me a free pen that says “I love a good doodle”.  Well don’t we all?!  There just isn’t a nicer feeling than not being thrown out of a bank on a bright Thursday morning. When we left the bank, Drew headed into work and I headed home to pick up Gina. By the time I arrived back at the flat, the flower vendor had set up shop. It’s so lovely to have a flower shop outside your door! That’s the door of our building there, on the left.
Front door

I answered a few emails and packed up all I needed to head out to a part of Town called Ealing, on the west side of London. We took the tube. Thank goodness Gina is so travel saavy.
Gina on the tube
She does attend to attract a lot of attention, but I’m not sure why. Her skirt is not much shorter than any other I’ve seen–on girls quite a bit less attractive.
Outside the tube station I was quite pleased to find a flower shop. I wonder if that is a good sign?
Ealing flowers
Funny story. After meeting three estate agents and making three appointments, I stopped in to the last place on my list for the day. There was a very nice estate agent available to show me some listings right away. It turned out he had come to London from Poland about five years ago to make enough money to buy his own home (knowing no English), met a girl, got married, and expects a son any day. When we arrived at the second listing we couldn’t get in. The key wouldn’t work. He paged every neighbor to try and get buzzed into the building, but to no avail. We hopped over to the last listing and got locked in. A colleague of the agent had to come and let us out. I’m so glad he was a really nice guy. We had a good laugh.

I was more than tired when I got home, but I still had so much to do. I met Drew for dinner and came straight home to look through more listings so that I would be prepared for my meeting on Friday and to see if I could set up anything else for Saturday. Dang Gina, I’m exhausted!
Gina and me