The Visit, Day Three

Today started out with an early visit to the TM office to chat with a couple people I didn’t get a chance to meet with yesterday. Was only there for about an hour but I feel like I got a lot of important questions answered. Still have a few more people I have to touch base with tomorrow morning and the day is already full with plans.

After leaving the TM office this morning I had to come back to the flat to drop off a few things Lin, with the TM office, had picked up for us – towels and linens mainly. Was just as well that we went back because I still seem to be suffering from major jet-lag and had to take an impromptu nap.

We wanted to spend the day checking out potential neighborhoods and touring flats of various price ranges, so while I was napping Jen was kind enough to put together an itinerary for the day. She contacted a few companies and mapped out a route for us so we could not only get there but stop at a post office along the way and end up eating at a vegan restaurant, Eat and two Veg, while we were out (Yvonne would LOVE this place). We also took Scott and Vito’s advise and picked up an Oyster card for the transit system.

We got really lucky today and ended up talking with an estate agent who was really friendly and willing to help us out without pressuring us to do something today. Check out below a video of one of our favorite flats we saw while out today.