A Southern Girl Speaks

It’s not unusual.

(Tom Jones, anyone?)

[Ahem. Now that you have that out of your system…] It’s not unusual for a southern girl to make a friend on the train or in the line at the bookstore. (Dude, where ever you may be, when I invited you for coffee because we were buying the same book – I was mostly kidding and I definitely did not want to steal your wallet or go home with you.)

Anyway, a southern girls speaks. Sometimes she speaks out of turn or little too much, but she does say her piece – and you love that about her. What a southern girl must learn to do is speak honestly. That shirt is nice, but what I was thinking when I said that was that you should have gotten one in your size.

In her natural state, she speaks. Politely. With love.

Even when she has to tell you that you spoke harshly, let her down, and or accidentally called her an idiot when you said that she should have checked that her vegetarian meal was onboard before the aircraft doors were closed, sugar slips off her tongue.

And this southern girl is back at home in her natural habitat for a few days where this behavior is normal. We’re throwin’ a weddin’ and I couldn’t feel more in my element…

I am sending you my love. All of it. I am overflowing.