Other People’s Children

Girls in wacky tights look good in photos with babies.
kassi maggie jen

See, what did I tell you?

Some day, I won’t have to borrow other people‘s gorgeous children. For now though, it is a pretty sweet deal. That’s my girl Kassi on the left and baby Maggie on the right. Maggie’s mom and dad were on a date, but my other Thomas family members are there. (You might have to squint.)

The point is that I’ve been thinking about this whole baby thing. I am not thrilled with the wait or the struggles of late, but I am also scared stiff that I might find myself in fast forward. Maybe the best thing to do is figure out what lesson I am supposed to have learned and just get in the flow. That seems to be where all the cool cats are hanging these days… In the flow.


Can You Get Drunk on Hot Chocolate?

Wow.  It has been a busy couple of days…  Yesterday I bought train tickets for my interview in Sutton and went to retrieve them.  Sooner or later I am going to figure out the easy way to travel by train, the way which does not involve going to some weird place to get your tickets where the ticket machine will not read your credit card.  There was quite bit of studying and laundry to fill my evening; Drew had a late night at the office.  I also had the chance to tie up some other loose ends involved with going on a three week holiday before calling it a night and laying in bed, for hours, awake.  For some reason, like I may have said before, I can’t count sheep.  My sheep start misbehaving and doing tricks.  They do flips and show off and then one of them gets hurt and all the sheep have to crowd around and I am making up a two hour movie about the dang sheep.

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to participate in a sociology study.  I stopped in a Subway during the lunch hour rush for a Veggie Delight wrap.  I sat down at the only empty table.  There were four chairs at my table so I sat nearest the wall on the side farthest from the door.  Eventually, two individual men sat down with me and silently ate their lunches.  People tend to spread out if they have the chance, but it seems that city folk are not scared to share a lunch table at Subway with total strangers.

I also thought you might be interested to know that you have a twin.  It is funny how I think I see you in a window or next to me on the train.  Today I thought one of you was the twin sister of the person conducting my interview.  It was nice to have a familiar face across the table, actually.  At first I thought that we must be robots and there are only so many models.  Then I came to my senses and realized that I must just miss you.  But really, it’s way cool (and sometimes disconcerting) how physical traits link us to our ancestors and native people.  We walk around completely unaware that someone far away is wearing our nose and funny eyebrows.

So, tomorrow is the big day; we are visiting Tennessee for the holidays.  Tonight may have been hectic, partly due to online banking issues and locating Drew’s work permit that was right in front of us all night, but I am still stoked to see those of you in the area.  Please take your hairdryer out to the runway about 6pm Wednesday evening so that our plane can land.  Thanks in advance.