A Bog for My Blog

Snow flurries in London have brought to my mind the most ultimate of questions. “Which one of these things is not like the others?” Do take your time to see if you can spot it.

snow one

snow two

snow three

snow on toilet

You are right! One of them is street art!

Or not.

In other news, flat viewing 2010 visit two is complete. Contestant number two is very quirky cool in person. It is in the front running for an offer. After tomorrow I should be able to narrow it down to the one and the runner-up. Either way, I think we’ll be really happy in our new place.

It’s a Piece of Cake to Bake a Pretty Cake

Sky news claims that 7 million London based workers stayed home from work yesterday and another 2 million played hooky today due to the worst snowy weather London has seen in 18 years.  Drew managed to walk to work this morning.  Living close to work has its benefits and its drawbacks…  I must say, though, I would have gone if I had the choice myself.  The grass is always greener on the other side.

Tomorrow, when I’ve gone through all the job vacancies relevant to my skills and work history, I think I’ll start calling bakeries.  My sister asked why I couldn’t make a living making cupcakes or decorating cakes.  It was funny at first; I am cake snob who knows I don’t have any real marketable skill in this area.  But then I gave it another moment in my head.  Why couldn’t I work for a bakery anyway?  Someone has to assist the decorator right?!  Someone bakes the cakes, takes the orders, and cleans up at night.  Why couldn’t that be me?  Brilliant.  You’ll be fat when you leave London.

A Lazy London Sunday

I would like to say that we went to the Chinese New Year Parade at Trafalgar Square this afternoon or to the fireworks display in Leicester Square this evening.  There was another cool event on my calendar that looked like an inexplicable mix of dance and art exhibit.  Unfortunately, I have finally admitted that I am fighting a cold.  So instead of those awesome things we could have done I went for some cough syrup.  

Veno’s Honey & Lemon Tickly Coughs seems to provide at least a moderate and immediate relief of porcupine-in-throat type symptoms.  It tastes pretty wicked, but a few hours of relief is worth it.  Hit me again.  Every 2-3 hours.

That’s it folks.  That is our amazing day so far.  Ok well, it hasn’t been quite that uneventful.  We watched Back to the Future II, I made an awesome lunch out of leftovers, and we saw some snow flurries.

Later, I might do the dishes and take a shower.  There will probably not be photos of that.

Even though I am in danger of telling you something you already know, I feel compelled to tell you that black bean enchilada filling tastes great as quesadilla filling as well, whether you use real or faux cheese.  Top with things like salsa, sour cream (again, real or soy, whatever), jalapenos, or black olives.  MMMmmmm.

afternoon flurries

Snow Comes to London Town from Drew Huddleston on Vimeo.

night snow
night snow 2