The Exciting Life

Grocery shopping shenanigans – such confusion and disorientation…  Somehow, my experiences in grocery stores are like metaphors for my life.  Take this weekend’s exchange, for example.  I asked the lovely employee if he could assist me in finding corn meal.  He looked at me as if I had asked where I could sign up for a kidney transplant, so I explained that it is a coarse flour made of corn.  A swift flash of recognition crossed his face before he darted off to grab two colleagues.  Within a split second three employees were looking at me like I had asked where to sign up for a kidney transplant.  I explain again about the properties of corn meal and the resulting savory bread, trying to entice them to make the item appear.

Manager: “We have peanut but-tah, would you like to see that?”

Me: “Umm… Yeah, maybe.”

And then there was this incident with the razors. They look pretty innocent, right?


Look closely at the security tag on the back.

Security Tag

Dang, Gina, I never would have thought of that! Until they suggested it, of course.