Here Today, Goo Tomorrow

Generalizations can be bad, mmkay? Generalizations can also be funny. Let’s have fun with that.

I have no idea what bunnies and eggs have to do with Easter (although I do know how they came to be entangled in the observance of the holiday), but I have learned what it means to the British when one of their favourite (yeah, that’s a “u” in favourite) local companies falls prey to stockholder interest. It means hostile takeover.  So, what’s the big deal?

The average British consumer is a snobby, overbearing foodie. They would like to believe that the meat and vegetables in their shopping are sourced “cleanly” and from local suppliers. Don’t get me wrong, there is certainly a niche market of budget shoppers, but they don’t seem to be the majority here by a long shot.

You can imagine the chaos that erupted when the announcement was made that Kraft engaged in a hostile takeover of Cadbury this past week if you understand the psychology behind it. In a city that celebrates the season of the Creme Egg – which signals the impending bloom of the tulip and the coming of the Easter Holiday, this is devastating news. After all, Kraft is associated in the British consumer’s mind with words and images related to plastic, neon yellow, food-flavored substances, and discount foodstuffs. The reputation of Cadbury is quite the opposite; Cadbury is known for its careful ingredient sourcing, superior methods of chocolate making, ethical product line, brilliant commercials, and ushering in the most important of yearly celebrations.

Yes, Drew and I have actually debated about the best Cadbury commercial. We all know there isn’t really any contest. Everything was better in the 80s. Did you spot the generalization there?

Suffice it to say, the nation is reeling.

The public is concerned about the fall out which undoubtedly result when a company that makes cheap yellow edible plastic gets its hands on the secret Cadbury recipe(s).  It’s Arthur Slugworth meets Willy Wonka around here.

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