Back in the Saddle

March Madness is something I know nothing about, in sports terms. However, that phrase has new personal meaning for me. March 2010 wore me out. I had to take a vacation.

My company sent me for training in Dublin, Ireland, on Thursday and Friday so it seemed like quite the good idea to have Drew join me for the weekend so that we might celebrate his birthday. I have to recommend the city as a place with history, night life, national pride, friendly folks, and an international flavor. It’s a big city to be sure, but it is unquestionably special. I was amazed by how big and small it was at the same time.

We explored on foot for the most part. Great sites were all within walking distance of our hotel. Dublin Castle was nothing like we expected…

Drew deserved to be celebrated and I think we both deserved a break. What better way to tackle both than a short weekend in lovely Dublin?

It has cathedrals.
st patricks cathedral

It has castles.
dublin castle

It has stout.

We stayed in the Temple Bar area at the Temple Bar Hotel.
temple bar lobby

The hotel was honestly in a brilliant location. I don’t know that I would recommend it to everyone, but it suited our purposes. When I checked in, I was told that the hotel staff had ‘upgraded’ our room to an executive suite. When I realized that upgrading had involved assigning us a smoking room I demanded that they downgrade me back to a simple peasant’s quarters!

I would have liked more time to enjoy Dublin and the surrounding countryside, but I am thankful for our short visit all the same. Maybe now I can face the week with fresh eyes.

Happy birthday, Drew!

Spring Green

This update is long overdue. Sorry ’bout that. When there is a little more time to catch you up, I will. For now I’d like to encourage you to raise a glass to Drew. We have hopped the pond to celebrate his birthday in Dublin, Ireland – home of Guinness (and the leprechauns).

dublin image

While you are enjoying the frosty beverage of your choice, let our photos set the mood. Even Gina is having a good time.