What’s That Smell?

Term of the Day: Have a jolly good go

  • Make the best effort (usually with light and fun undertones)

While I am having a jolly good go at learning how to live the life of a Londoner, I also learn a lot about myself. I shouldn’t expect any less from this blip out of my life-long journey, but sometimes it still does surprise me a little to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror. For instance, I still find it shocking how little I understand foreign relations matters and know not a thing about how a hedge fund works. It is appalling how long I was completely uninterested in politics. Instilling these values in my children will be a challenge I have to face in the age of technology, where every single word from my mouth will compete with the never ending barrage of incoming signals. My every action will have to speak where words will fail me.

Whew. I bet you are glad that’s over!

How about some photos of the Carnival in Leicester Square that Drew mentioned? Please look carefully through some of these photos for the smoking carnival workers. I just don’t know how they manage to enjoy their nicotine, keep their balance, not get hit by an unwieldy teacup, and keep everyone sufficiently nauseous by spinning them around more than should be good for them.


basketball throw

bumper cars

dart throw


ice maze

merry go round

night flower

pstry stand

ring toss


sweet stand