Victoria Azarenka Custody Agreement

If the professional tennis player had left her child with the child`s father or other relatives while she attended tournaments abroad, this fact could have been used to influence the court against her. The father would probably have said that she showed a lack of real concern for the well-being of the child. He could have taken this time to establish himself as the child`s primary guardian, which could have prompted the court to give him primary physical custody. Tennis superstar Victoria Azarenka has moved closer to resuming her professional career, having won a big win in her custody case, which should pave the way for her to travel with her baby again. Like many parents with a professional career, the tennis professional found her job at odds with her commitment as a parent. Faced with a custody dispute looming in California and a judge`s injunction not to remove the toddler from jurisdiction, Azarenka wisely chose to put his career aside. She was supposed to play in Europe, but she left the track until the fight for child custody was decided. Azarenka argued that the case belongs to Belarus, where a Belarusian court had previously granted him primary custody. Source: sport24, “Azarenka back in Europe after U.S.

custody dispute,” April 30, 2018 Cecelia Townes: I don`t remember a particular case where a judge prevented a parent from removing a child from the state who is the subject of a custody dispute, but I know it`s not unusual. Often, courts require parents to maintain the status quo and/or maintain the child`s home until a decision is made. In addition, there are certain legal precedents and there are legal norms that should make this particular case quite simple. espnW: reports indicate that she has a valid custody order from her country of origin, Belarus; Can it help him? Azarenka returned to the Tour in the summer of 2017 and reached the fourth round of Wimbledon in her first tournament. Soon after, it turned out that she had broken up with Leo`s father, Billy McKeague. .