Usef Entry Agreement 2020

Once a contribution has been deposited and paid, you must work directly with the show management to arrange for the cancellation and repayment of the contribution. You can either reimburse yourself directly or require us to refund you to your credit card depending on the situation. Refund policies are different for each show, so please check the show premium to see what your show`s refund policies are. In dressage, each horse/rider combination must have its own entry. But not all mandatory taxes are mandatory for both entries (not all USEF drug and management fees and other horse-specific fees are required) In step 5 (fees and donations) There is this question: the trainer is defined by USEF as the person responsible for the horse for 18 years or more while he is at the exhibition site. The coach is the person who is paid to help you with your horse on the show field. USEF needs a coach for a SHOW recognized by the USEF for each entry. A coach is not necessary. VALID 8/2020 – The USEF entry agreement is mandatory for all entries. To complete your contribution, it should be sent by e-mail or downloaded by signatures and an emergency contact number: USEF ENTRY AGREEMENT The new USEF Waiver and Release of Liability should be printed and signed for anyone entering the exhibition site: USEF WAIVER From 2020, USEF has replaced its liability exemption form with two new documents: Entry Agreement 2020 USEF and Waiver/Release 2020 USEF. You can find both on our resource site. Previous exemptions from liability are no longer valid and are therefore labelled as outdated.

Please upload the two new documents, complete them, sign them and upload them to your account before completing your entry. 2) For your second entry, answer “yes” to the same question, then complete the page and proceed to the next step. EqEntries accepts Visa, MasterCard or Discover, or you can print your entry and send it by cheque to issue by mail. UseF/USDF can take up to 72 hours to update its databases after you log in or renew. We regularly leave their databases directly. This means that as soon as they are updated, we have saved your maps. We recommend that you submit and pay if you need to receive your entry before it is updated. Just bring your tickets to the show when you check in. Please check the refund terms (and all policies) for the show/event you are attending before completing your participation.

You can download your signature page, coggins and other input documents such as test results by clicking on the “Documents” tab and clicking on “Upload input document” and following the instructions. . . .