Uncitral Arbitration Agreement Template

“A dispute between the parties concerning [] the parties hereby agree that the dispute is being resolved in accordance with the rules of the LCIA and ultimately settled by arbitration. i) The language of arbitration is … [language]; (i) the request to refer the matter to an arbitral tribunal; 5. The procedure is agreed by the parties or, if agreed, by the court. In any event, the following procedural issues must be dealt with as agreed: Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC) “Any dispute arising from the constitution, the provision, interpretation, cancellation, termination or cancellation of this contract or related in some way to it is settled by an arbitration procedure, in accordance with the provisions of the DIAC arbitration regulation (“the rules”), by one or more arbitrators mandated in accordance with the rules. In order to initiate arbitration proceedings, it is necessary to apply for conciliation or publication of the arbitration. The name of this first document depends on the rules of the institution that manages the arbitration. The original document is a request for arbitration by CCI, LCIA, ICSID, DIAC and other arbitration institutions. This is a notice of arbitration under the SIAC, HKIAC and UNCIT rules. The main difference is the name, because the necessary content of requests and communications is very similar. 1. Disputes, disputes, controversies or claims arising from or related to this agreement are identified and decided by arbitration in [Atlanta, Fulton County, State of Georgia, United States of America]. An ad hoc arbitration procedure is a procedure that is not managed by an institution (ci.B ICDR, ICC or JAMS).

The parties must therefore make their own arrangements with respect to the selection of arbitrators, arbitration, administrative assistance and other aspects of the arbitration process. Parties that proceed ad hoc will often include in their agreement the Arbitration Regulations of the United Nations Commission for International Trade Law (CNUDCI). Below are two example clauses, one that is contained in the UNCIT arbitration regulation and does not. Parties are not encouraged to make an ad hoc arbitration decision without the advice of an experienced advisor. 4 Section 20 of the CSC rules allows the parties to determine an arbitration seat. CSC-managed arbitration proceedings occasionally take place outside Sweden, although rarely. See Finn Madsen, Commercial Arbitration in Sweden 202, n. 124 (3d. ed., 2007). (iv) The Tribunal`s arbitration award is final and binding on the parties. In agreeing to arbitration, the parties agree to immediately and promptly execute any distinction; and the parties also irrevocably waive their right to appeal, reconsideration or recourse to a State Court or other judicial authority, to the extent that such a waiver can be effective. Swiss Chambers Arbitration Institution (SCAI) “Any dispute, controversy or claim that arises from this contract, including the validity, invalidity, infringement or termination of the contract, will be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Swiss rules of international arbitration of the arbitration institution of the Swiss chambers on the date on which the notice of arbitration is filed in accordance with these rules.

The number of referees is… [“one,” “three,” “one or three”; The seat of arbitration is … [Name of city in Switzerland, unless the parties agree to a city in another country]. The arbitration procedure is set in place … [Insert the desired language]. American Arbitration Association (AAA) / International Centre for Dispute Resolution (ICDR) ICDR is the AAA sub-division that handles international litigation.