Ssp Agreement

2. TERMS OF PAYMENT: Unless otherwise agreed, the terms are F.O.B. Shipping station, 30 net days from the seller`s billing date in U.S. currency or export shipments for which the seller can request other agreements. When a payment due to the seller is not paid, it is paid at a rate set by the seller that does not exceed the maximum rate allowed by law, from the date it is due until payment. In particular, the seller has the right to terminate the contract or to suspend other deliveries of that contract and/or other agreements with the buyer if the buyer does not make payment under the maturity. The buyer is responsible for all costs related to the recovery of previously married amounts, including legal fees. These terms and conditions, the offer or confirmation of them, and all the documents contained in them bind the company that issues the offer or recognition for the sale of goods (“goods”) and for all related or service-related services (e.g. B Specialty Silicone Products, Inc., “Seller” and buyer “Below” and constitute the global “Agreement” agreement between the buyer and the seller with respect to this sale and/or the license and/or services. TORONTO, December 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Constellation Software Inc. (“Constellation”) (TSX: CSU) today announced that its Volaris Group (“Volaris”) has entered into an agreement to acquire SSP Limited, a global provider of technology and software systems for the insurance industry. The conclusion of the transaction remains subject to mutually agreed completion conditions, including administrative authorization. 4.

DELIVERY , CANCELLATION OR CHANGES BY BUYER: All shipping data is approximate and is based on the immediate receipt of all the necessary information from the buyer to properly process the order. The seller, in his choice, has the right to make partial deliveries of products and to charge each shipment separately. The seller reserves the right to prevent the delivery of products during transit or to withhold all or part of the shipments if the buyer does not grant payment to the Seller, if he is due or does not comply with his obligations under this framework.