You remember our friend Emily? ¬†Yeah, she’s the traveller extraordinaire with one hand on the pulse of all things cool in London-town.

emily pie target

Well, Emily invited a few of us geeks and burrito lovers to a little thing called One Foot in the Grove last Sunday.

mutate friends

(You see, ‘One Foot in the Grove’ is a clever name because it was in Ladbroke Grove.) It seems that a group of artists wanted to take art to unconventional spaces – and to a larger audience. They formed MuTATE. And they do what they want.

mutate britain

art you can ride

cowardly dog

Some of the pieces were more politically charged than others.

army boy

That one was Drew’s favorite. For more photos, check out our Flickr photostream. For more info on the art and the artists click the MuTATE link above.

Drew and Jen are totally in London.