Normal Life

It seems that we’ve come across a big ocean just to meet some cool new folks working in Nashville, for now…  Do you remember that cute little red head I told you about?  Yeah, she knows cool people (like us?) and understands the wonder of Cava.  Well, Megan has been talking about some cool colleagues of hers that would be visiting London – and they have finally arrived.

Let this serve as evidence that they tolerated our company (and that I desperately need a small camera.  These iphones don’t have a flash and just don’t do the blog justice).

Emma Peeps

Suzanne and Kendrick have agreed to have their real names published; apparently they’ve established themselves on the interwebs under those names already.  You can’t get a real sense of their coolness in this photo, but I assure you that they are charming, genuine, and witty.  I love them.