P!NK, The Funhouse Tour

For some reason, I love her like my very own flesh and blood, though most of you know that I love fast and fiercely. My poor heart knows not a stranger. There’s also that thing I have about people in pain… Well, P!NK doesn’t need my shoulder to cry on, but it’s here. Though we’ve been welcomed into her grandly staged and mesmerizing therapy session, she would still be singing, raging, dancing, jumping, falling, cursing, and lighting fires without an audience. She’s completely honest. That’s not a character on stage – she is absolutely someone you could know; she’s someone who reminds you of your own responsibility to face the fire and give thanks when pain gives way to wholeness.

The Funhouse tour is as wildly exciting as it is pensive or painful. I am just as grateful for the acoustic set as I am for the acrobatics, though I could not help but hold my breath until she was safely back on the ground. I love that she doesn’t need me, but that she shares this journey with me anyway.

Star struck? No, not really. Inspired. Overflowing. Impressed. Grateful.

Get tickets. Seriously, right now. Put the ice cream down.

(AM, if your stage manager quits and you need me to join you on the road, let me know. I’ve got a couple more years before we settle down and have kids, it could be fun…)