Long Time, No See

When I have left you so long without writing, it is hard to know where to begin.

I guess you should know that I have made a beautiful new friend.  Elsa is French, she makes a mean quiche, she’s agreed not to push me down on the playground (we work together and she promised to be honest when I screw things up), and she likes some of the same geeky things Drew and I like.

On Friday evening I took more cold medicine than a person should before Drew and I wandered after work to Charing Cross to meet Elsa and her lovely group of merry-makers.  We invited Kerry and Emily to join us; it was a no-brainer deciding that these new friends would enjoy meeting each other.  (The Haha Bar and Grill is a great place to meet, drink, and eat by the way.)

On Saturday P!NK shared her heart with us in a stunning show at the O2.  
You can catch my full review in the Hot or Not section, but I’ll say that it was F-F-T. (That’s fan-freaking-tastic for you non-cursers; the rest of you can sort yourselves out, I’m sure.)  What was not so F-F-T was the replacement bus that was running due to tube refurbishment.  We were squished in like hot little sardines.  I was almost stung by a bee.  I met a very nice little boy on the bus, but he was standing on my foot when his bladder finally failed.  That was right before a lady fainted.  Fun times.  The queue for a taxi after the concert was 45 minutes long and complete with a drunk bum wandering around with a neon orange toy gun talking about shooting “cabbies and coppers”.  Good times.  Worth it.  SO worth it.  Ah, P!NK, I love that girl…

Sunday was almost wasted because we old folks slept so late.  The always fabulous Kerry and Emily invited us to join their Sunday afternoon pub stroll so we met them at The Lowlander between Holborn and Covent Garden for a snack.
lowlander beer
Then we all followed Emily to Covent Garden for a drink at the lovely Porterhouse Pub.
porterhouse pub
Post Porterhouse we had pizza at Fire and Stone.  (I know, I know: “dang, Gina!”  That’s jus’ how they roll in London.)
pizza fire and stone
We walked toward home together until we parted beside the dramatically lit St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Did I mention that we live in London?  St. Paul’s is in our neighborhood, no less.

On Monday we had dinner with Elsa and some of her lovely friends and housemates.  She is a fantastic chef and quite a lot of fun.  That must be why she has such a great group of friends around her…  After dinner we saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  Drew and I were proud to teach them about that weird thing that we do – waiting to see if there is an additional scene at the end of the credits…  I am so glad it paid off or we might have looked a bit foolish in front of our new friends.

Tonight I am thinking of my cat.  (And you, of course.  I mean, I write all of this for you!)  He might soon be joining us in London.  There are signs that he may miss us just much as we miss him, so we’ve decided to double down our efforts to bring our little boy overseas.  If you know someone who might be interested in fostering him for about seven months, please let us know.  My mom has another alpha male at her house and they just don’t get along.

That is all for now  – sleep well, my lovelies.  My sick husband must be snuggled.