May 30

A sweater or dress that is pulled on over the head.


May 28

(Cockney rhyming slang, also said as “apples and pears”) Stairs.

Bubble and Squeak

May 26

A side dish made from the leftovers of a proper roast dinner. Main ingredients inclue mash and cabbage, but other items such as corn, peas, brussels sprouts (even meat) can be found in bubble and squeak.


May 24

Mashed potatoes.

The House Guests Have Landed

by Jen
May 23

Today, I can say that Westminster Abbey is beyond my expectations because I finally went inside.

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May 22


The Canals

by Jen
May 21

A totally new concept to me – canal walk. And it was here under my nose all this time.

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Boot Sale

May 20

A “market” where private individuals sell their unwanted household jumble from the boot of their cars in a shared space or hired location. (Do you like how we are building on words we have previously learned?!)

Fire and Stone

by Jen
May 20

Does it really matter which pizza you pick when that’s what you want?

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by Jen
May 19

What a great place to meet a friend for chips!? (And a beer stick.)

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May 18

Junk, like the stuff you sell at a yard sale (which is not called a “yard sale” here. Stay tuned).

The Porterhouse Pub

by Jen
May 18

This one should be on your next central pub crawl. And bring your camera; it’s cool inside.

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Fag End

May 16

Cigarette butt.

Dirty Stop-out

May 10

slang. A name to call someone who stays out too late. (Using this term implies that you think the person in question may have been up to something naughty while being out too late.)

Happy Mother’s Day!

by Jen
May 10

Yesterday we wandered around the grounds of St. Paul’s, enjoying the gardens and small green spaces between there and home while the sun warmed the city. We are looking forward to having visitors soon who will explore the cathedral with us. Between our flat and the church there are wonderful spaces that would be lovely […]

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by Jen
May 9

Who knew thunderstorms were such a integral part of my definition of home? London skies are a big tease.

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Hummus Bros.

by Jen
May 8

Give (chick) peas a chance. Vegan, Wheat-Free, Beef-eater? Yes, that’s on the menu.

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Long Time, No See

by Jen
May 6

Would you believe me if I told you we were still sick? What if I told you that we were sick on a Bank Holiday? Yeah, I know.

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P!NK, The Funhouse Tour

by Jen
May 5

It’s everything and nothing you would expect from the girl notorious for doing whatever she wants.

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May 3

Sandwich.  Chip butties are quite popular in London.  (Yeah, that’s big fat American”fries” on bread.)

Stag Do

May 2

Bachelor party, sometimes lasting more than one day or night.

Hen Do

May 1

Bachelorette party, usually complete with fancy dress.

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