John Gusty Comes to London

This week we are having a visit from one of my favorite coworkers, John Gusty. He has come to the London office to help train up one of our new business partners.

Jen and I both went down to Heathrow airport on Sunday afternoon to meet him at the arrival’s gate and escort him to the company flat in central London. After the trip into the city, we had a quick bite to eat at The Sussex then had a walk down to Trafalgar Square and Parliment before jumping on an open-top bus tour. It was a really cold trip through London, but as Jen and I had not done the tour before we were really excited and sat through the cold. Think I actually got a little windburn.

(notice the grey hair)

After a good solid afternoon / evening of playing the tourist, we grabbed dinner then dropped John off at the company flat around 9pm. The plans for the week involve mostly work, but we are trying to make sure he has a good visit.

Jen owes you all an update about her job, but as she was out until 11:30pm last evening hanging with her new boss, I would say you may have to wait to the weekend. Good news is, she is obviously fitting in well with the new team. I am really excited for her as well. Think it is awesome she has found such a good company.

On another note, and we will be posting a note in the news section later, President Obama is visiting London today as part of the G20 summit on the economy. The city is on lockdown due to concerns over protests, but I am not worried.