Ideal Home Show

Today we went to the Ideal Home Show at Earls Court Exhibition Centre. Though it is geared towards individuals considering home improvement and related lifestyle purchases, it was really cool. I don’t need a jacuzzi or a gazebo. However, I love to look at furniture and home decor. I think I may have even come across some wallpaper that changed my mind about how likely I might be to use it my dream home. We saw some really cool stuff; check out the sneak peek. For more photos, see our Flickr page.

exhibit floor

pod chair

stargate bench

Drew in kitchen

*I forgot to mention that yesterday, on my way to the market, I saw a cat in my neighbor’s garden that looked just like Midnight.
midnight twin
He came right to me, rubbed up against my hand, and purred. I love him. And I miss my cat like crazy. Like crazy, I tell you.