Grand Designs

What’s hot on British tv?  (i.e. what are people watching when they aren’t watching Dr. Who?)  We think Grand Designs is for the awesome.  There is usually a couple that purchases some piece of land, with or without some unused structure that needs to be loved and reclaimed as useful space, to bring about the realisation of their dream home.  The show has a loveable host who plays a slightly cynical character who creates drama by counting the ways in which the project will be difficult, though we’ve never heard him give anything but praise at the end of each project.  Each dream home is completely different.  The couples are all unique with unique visions for their journey and the finished product.

We’ve seen shows in which old warehouses, factories, and even historic structures have been converted into the most amazing and personal living spaces.  Maybe someday we’ll be inspired enough start our own project.  I must say that I am already excited to think about a home that generates energy and gives back to the grid.  Who wouldn’t like to receive a check from the utility company rather than sending one?!

These photos are from the same Ideal Home Show that I’ve been talking about for a week.  (I didn’t have any photos of Grand Designs – we haven’t been invited to a taping yet…)  Click any photo to see all of the photos we’ve uploaded to Flickr.

red room

I have known seen the effective use of wallpapering one wall for accent.

red kitchen

Carrying colors, but changing pattern, can really help an open plan have defined “rooms”.  Light is king and less is more.

Urban garden

And who doesn’t want something inter-galactic in the garden to welcome them home?!  (Drew and I might – I’m not poking fun.)