Great Art in Londontown

Morning Star, by Paul Fryer

Jen and I had, what I consider, a great opportunity to see this work, Morning Star, in person yesterday. It is by an artist I had never heard of before, but I am very glad I now have. His work may not be earth shattering or mind altering. Of course then again – I am NOT an art critic. All that being said though, I really love this piece as well as the other pieces we saw on display.

This particular piece, as I understand it, is a depiction of the fall of Lucifer, The Morning Star. In this piece you see him captured and entangled during the fall. What I find incredibly interesting about the work is two fold. It appears he is entangled in high-tension electrical wires strung between three telephone poles. He also is depicted as the conventional image of an angel with large feathered wings (though appropriately they appear tattered and torn). The actual piece is not the size of a full grown man however, though, aside from the wings, he appears as a man in every other way – no horns, no tail, and certainly no pitchfork. It really is a beautiful work. It is this breaking from, or perhaps challenge of, the conventional image of Lucifer mixed with the contemporary images of technology which make it so interesting to me.

One of the things I had not considered about our move to London was how close in proximity I would be to such a fabulous art community. My creative spark has already been rekindled and it is my hope that being here will continue to fan the flames. During college I had hoped to some day be a freelance illustrator, and while it may not be a realistic dream considering how the internet has made accessibility to stock work easy to the point of pollution, I still want to do something purely creative (of course it is also fair to say illustration was never purely creative).

So here is hoping I get off my metaphorical butt and actually start being creative again. And considering how much GREAT inspiration is around me, how could I not?!